i-TEK Solutions’ business model is focused on customer service, timing, relationship building, and most importantly being able to operate efficiently and effectively in order to pass the savings on to our clients and to provide competitive compensation for our employees.

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[list icon=”icon-bullseye”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Contract Staffing Services” desc=”i-TEK provides consultants and temporary employees for our customers’ projects. Our priority is to provide the right candidates that fit the scope and the length of the projects. Our goal is to have those projects completed successfully with no turnover and within budget.”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Contract-to-Hire Services” desc=”i-TEK provides contract-to-hire employees. This is a great way of having a “trial period” for that hard-to-find permanent employee. We can set up a 30, 60, or 90 day program depending on the comfort level of our customers.”][/list]
[list icon=”icon-bullseye”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Permanent Placements/Direct Hire Staffing Services” desc=”i-TEK can form a partnership with your Human Resources Department to help recruit for your permanent positions. We view this service as an extension of your HR department. We pay particular attention to understanding your company culture, guiding values, and hiring process.

Fees and Guarantees – We offer a guarantee for every placement and because we understand the high costs a company incurs for every new hire, our fees are reasonable and often below the market rates. Why pay more for the same or lesser service? Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship that will benefit both parties for years to come.”][/list]

IT Skills

i-TEK’s staff has many years of experience recruiting IT Professionals with the following skill sets:


[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Program Manager”][list_item title=”Project Manager, PMP Certified”][list_item title=”Configuration Management”][list_item title=”Quality Assurance Management”][/list]

Business Analysis

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Business Analyst”][list_item title=”Business Systems Analyst”][list_item title=”Business Process Analyst”][/list]


[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Infrastructure Architect”][list_item title=”System Architect”][/list]


[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Oracle DBA”][list_item title=”SQL Server DBA”][list_item title=”MySQL DBA”][list_item title=”DB2 DBA”][list_item title=”UDB DBA”][list_item title=”Sybase DBA”][list_item title=”Data Analyst”][/list]


[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”SAP”][list_item title=”Oracle”][list_item title=”PeopleSoft”][/list]

Application Development

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”.NET Developer”][list_item title=”C# Developer”][list_item title=”Crystal Reports Developer”][list_item title=”Cognos Developer”][list_item title=”IEF Cool:Gen Developer”][list_item title=”Cobol Developer”][list_item title=”Visual Basic Developer”][list_item title=”Documentum Developer”][list_item title=”Foxpro Developer”][list_item title=”Informatica Developer”][list_item title=”Java Developer”][list_item title=”J2EE Developer”][list_item title=”Mainframe Developer”][list_item title=”Oracle Developer”][list_item title=”SAS Developer”][list_item title=”Sharepoint Developer”][list_item title=”SQL Developer”][list_item title=”BizTalk Developer”][list_item title=”VB.Net Developer”][list_item title=”ASP.Net Developer”][list_item title=”Mobile Applications Developer”][/list]

System Administration

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Citrix Administrator”][list_item title=”Cisco Network Engineer”][list_item title=”Exchange Server Administrator”][list_item title=”Network Systems Engineer”][list_item title=”UNIX Systems Administrator”][list_item title=”Opnet Administrator”][/list]

Quality Assurance

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Quality Assurance Manager”][list_item title=”Quality Assurance Analyst”][list_item title=”Testing Analyst”][/list]

Project Support

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Project Coordinator”][list_item title=”Technical Writer”][/list]

Technical Support

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”Server Support Technician”][list_item title=”Desktop Support Technician”][list_item title=”Help Desk Support Technician”][/list]

Specialty Skills

[list icon=”moon-circle-small”][list_item title=”EAI Technical Manager”][list_item title=”EDI”][list_item title=”GIS Developer”][list_item title=”Tibco”][list_item title=”ADF Developer”][list_item title=”ITIM (IBM Tivoli Identity Manager)”][list_item title=”Information Architect – Taxonomy”][list_item title=”Matrix One”][list_item title=”Maximo”][/list]