i-TEK Solutions’ business model is focused on customer service, timing, and relationship building. Most importantly, we are able to operate efficiently and effectively in order to pass the savings on to our clients and to provide competitive compensation for our employees.

i-TEK’s Competitive Advantages

  • Taking the Time to Understand Our Customers' Needs

    The initial and most important step in recruiting the right candidate is to get a thorough understanding of the client’s requirement. Constant communication is essential between the i-TEK Account Manager and the customer.

  • Quality Proactive Recruiting and Fast Response

    Quality and timing are two major components of being successful at providing the right candidate for the job. Our recruiters proactively source top candidates from the industry and are able to respond quickly to requirements.

  • Market Knowledge and Experience

    With our sole focus on IT and Engineering, i-TEK is able to draw from a database of already prescreened candidates with established relationships, as well as new candidates that are found through paid websites, advertising, and referrals. For every given position we are able to provide at least 3-4 candidates that meet the exact technical mandatory skill set as well as the billing rate and availability.

  • Competitive Pricing and Compensation

    i-TEK is focused on operating efficiently and effectively in order to provide our clients with competitive billing rates and fees and to provide competitive compensation for our employees. This will minimize turnover and achieve successfully completed projects.

  • Individual and Personalized Approach

    i-TEK Solutions has set a new standard in the industry with our individual and personalized approach to business. We are always available to address our customers’ and consultants’ requests and respond to any questions or concerns.

Niche Skill Set

i-TEK understands the difficulty of finding a niche skill set within a specific local market. We are able to provide you with out-of-state candidates that are willing to permanently or temporarily relocate. We will do the prescreening and the groundwork making sure the candidate is ready to start if selected. We will work to accommodate each candidate through the interviewing, hiring, and relocation process to ensure a smooth transition.